The AcadNet competition was 1st time organized in 2008. There are two sections: Computers and Networking.

The contest has a theoretical part, in the form of a multiple-choice quiz with one or more correct answers and/or a practical challenge on virtual machines or simulators. 

The students participating in Networking receive a Cisco Packet Tracer topology and they are being asked to do troubleshooting and/or implement new functionalities. The solved subject must be uploaded on the contest site within the assigned timeframe.

The students participating in Computers will receive access to one or more virtual machines on which they will be required to solve different tasks.



You can find some of the tasks proposed in the last years here:

For Networking:

For Computers:

The students can access the previous contest subjects (in Romanian) here:


International Contest Curricula

Computers – IT Essentials + Linux and Windows configuration + CCNAv7 first semester

Networking – CCNAv7 semesters 1-3

Maximum 5 students / country / category


The international contest will be held on-line, 6-7 May 2023.

Contest steps and rules


The ASCs from every country select a number of 5 students/category for AcadNet international contest before 15 april 2023 and will send the list with participated students at Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. with subject AcadNet international <country> before 25 april 2023. For each student must be mention full name, e-mail address, section (Networking or Computers). The organizators will create accounts on contest platform and they will send the credentials to every student thru e-mail.


In the contest day the contestants will gather in a location/laboratory chosen by ASC. Every contestant's computer will have installed OBS for screen recording, a browser with pop-up blocker disabled and PacketTracer 8.2.0. During the contest the screen of every participant will be recorded and, in the laboratory, will be installed a camera who will record, with sound, all the contestants and the supervisors. The camera will be installed so every computer screen and contestant will be visible.

During the contest the contestants will not be permitted to access other sites than or access other printed or electronic materials.

After the contest the screen's records will be uploaded in a drive and the link of the shared folder will be send to Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. in maximum 2 hours from the contest end.

The contest will have a theoretical part and a practice. The theoretical part will be 30% from score and the practice will be 70%.


Will be offered diplomas from Romanian Ministry of Education, Polytechnical University of Bucharest and prizes from sponsors.